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Cheerna Dutt from Delhi Public School North Bangalore talks about the affects of Bullying and why we should stand up against Bullying. Delhi Public School North Bangalore is a pioneer school of Amnesty International India’s Human Rights Education programme

#BullyNoMore is a Social Campaign aimed at creating awareness in schools across India towards individual human rights against #bullying.  Bullying can take various forms and impact the psychology and personality of each child.

Amnesty partnered with Futureshift Consulting (www.futureshift.in, @futureshift_sg) to develop a technology framework comprising of a website (www.bullynomore.in) and the roll out of the campaign to multiple schools across the country.  Students were encouraged to upload 2-minute videos or audios voicing their thoughts on bullying.  The turnout was tremendous, with recognition from the honorable Minister for Education Ms.Smriti Irani

Better Bhavishya (@BetterBhavishya) is Futureshift’s Social Initiative that helps organization’s to deliver impact in the areas of #Education, #Healthcare, #Environment and #Human Rights.

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